Colortek Baca purple decorative paint

Are your child's scribbles driving you up the wall? Instead of stressing yourself over your children's "art," you can integrate your children's artistic inclinations into your home design. A layer of chalkboard and magnetic paint, for instance, can help transform almost any type of surface into a creative and practical writing space.

We have four types of smart and decorative paints for residential and commercial applications that can transform an ordinary wall into a functional wall. Our ChalkBoard paint is one of them.

The Colortek ChalkBoard Paint

If you want a chalkboard wall, use Colortek ChalkBoard paint.

Colortek ChalkBoard is a synthetic, alkyd-based, dead flat, hard finish, and scratch-resistant paint suitable for interior applications. ChalkBoard works on wood, concrete, metal, drywall, glass, masonry, unglazed ceramics, and other surfaces.

This innovative paint is available in black and green, so it is suitable if you're going for the traditional chalkboard look.

Why and When to Use It

Use Colortek ChalkBoard to transform any surface — be it a wall, door, cabinet, table, desk, or ceramic pot — into actual chalkboards.

Parents can use the ChalkBoard to create a writing, drawing, and scribbling wall for their children. This is an excellent idea for parents who wish to encourage their children's creative pursuits and enhance their artistic talents. This is also practical for parents who home-school their children.

Another possible application is as a back wall for a home office. If the office table is pushed against the wall, one can turn this wall into a chalkboard, where he can jot down his spur-of-the-moment thoughts.

Schools can forego installing actual chalkboards inside classrooms. They can use ChalkBoard paint to convert walls into writing spaces. Nurseries, preschools, and kindergartens should also find ChalkBoard painted walls pretty useful.

Restaurants can turn a portion of their wall into a chalkboard and use it to display their specials or seasonal menu. They can also designate another chalkboard wall where customers can write their comments and messages.

The possibilities are endless. You can use chalkboard paint virtually anywhere you want a chalkboard. Only your creativity and imagination can limit what you can accomplish with this paint.

Note: Use dustless chalk with your chalkboard wall to prevent or minimize dust.

How to Use the Colortek ChalkBoard Paint

Always prepare your substrate thoroughly.

If the surface has holes or cracks, fill them with a patching material (e.g., putty), remove the excess filling material, sand the repaired area until smooth, and apply a suitable primer over it. If repairing cracks and holes in plaster, however, do not sand repaired surfaces. Simply scrape off protrusions and excess filling materials.

Remove any peeling or cracked paint, loose particles, dust, rust, mold and other growths, and efflorescence. You should also wash or wipe the surface to remove any dirt, dust, grease, oil, wax, and any other possible contaminant.

Properly cure, clean, and dry the substrate before applying the chalkboard paint's base coat. A recoat is recommended in 16 to 24 hours.

Other Smart Coats: Alternative to Chalkboard Paints

Aside from the Colortek ChalkBoard, we have three other innovative paints that will give your walls a different functionality.

Colortek MarkerBoard

Give almost any type of surface dry erase capabilities with Colortek MarkerBoard. This water-based paint is suitable for interior and exterior applications and will transform any surface into a whiteboard.

MarkerBoard may be applied on concrete, wood, glass, metal, drywall, masonry, and laminates, among other materials. You can use it to create a whiteboard wall in your office meeting room.

MarkerBoard is transparent, so you can apply it over any painted or color-treated surface. Do you have a blue concrete wall? A layer of MarkerBoard coating will instantly transform it into a blue dry erase wall. You can use MarkerBoard on your tables, glass walls, and almost all substrate.

Application note: Do not apply when temperatures fall below 5 °C or when rain is expected.

Colortek MagnetBoard

A magnetic board is great for project planning and brainstorming. If your marketing team needs to monitor your current campaign's reach, you can lay out a map of your target areas on your magnetic board and then use metal push pins to mark the spots you've already reached.

Instead of buying a magnetic board, however, you can convert one of your office meeting room's walls into a magnetic board using the Colortek MagnetBoard smart paint.

MagnetBoard is a water-based, hard-wearing, black-colored coating that will transform almost any interior or exterior surface into a magnet board. Use it on concrete, metal, wood, glass, drywall, masonry, and other substrates.

You can top MagnetBoard with another coat of concrete paint if you don't want a black wall. You can even use MarkerBoard or ChalkBoard over the MagnetBoard layer.

Just imagine how useful such a wall could be. You can draw a Gantt Chart of an ongoing project on your magnetic MarkerBoard wall, use whiteboard pens to mark your progress, and use metal push pins to tick off specific tasks.

Colortek DigiBoard

The Colortek Digiboard is a smart paint that can transform any wall in your home or office into a projection wall. This is suitable for interior and exterior applications and is recommended for plaster, concrete, wood, bricks, blocks, cement rendering, and embossed wall coverings.

This flat-finish paint gives surfaces enhanced video contrast, color depth, and resolution, making it excellent for digital projections. Treat your living room, meeting room, or classroom wall with it, and you will have a large projection wall you can use for your television shows, movies, documentaries, and presentation decks. You can even apply it on exterior walls for large-scale projection-type events.

Smart Coats for Your Walls

Walls can be both beautiful and functional. Transform almost any surface into a chalkboard wall with ChalkBoard paint, or turn it into a whiteboard wall, a magnet board, or a screen projection wall with our other SmartKoats.

Contact us to learn more about our chalkboard paint and other smart paint solutions.