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As one of the most personal and private areas of the house where you usually spend more than 10 hours every day, you need to have a bedroom that’s designed and decorated for you.

Choosing the right bed, furniture, lighting fixtures, and beddings can give you the perfect place where you can relax and get a good night’s sleep. However, there is another element that you need to focus on to have the ideal bedroom: the walls.

The right wall colour can make a huge difference in the quality of sleep and rest you can get in your bedroom. Moreover, it can complement the mood you want for this room. Whether you want a soothing, relaxing space or one that elicits a romantic vibe, your colour choice can help you achieve your goal for this space.

Best Colour Selections

Knowing about highly recommended colours for concrete paint and what they can do for your bedroom can help you narrow down your options and find the best one that meets your needs and preferences.

Below are the top choices for bedroom wall paint colours and the ambience they provide to any space:

1. Neturals

Ivory, taupe, white, and other neutral colours are popular and safe options for walls and ceilings in nearly all rooms, including bedrooms.

Neutral tones are perfect for the bedroom since these hues do not grab and compete for your attention. Because of this, your mind will find it easier to relax and get some rest or sleep.

If you are hesitant about choosing a colour from this palette because you don’t want to have a plain or boring bedroom, keep in mind that you can liven up the space by putting vibrant furniture pieces and wall decor. Moreover, dark beddings and rugs will help make this room more interesting.

2. Pastels

Although pastel colours are often used in children’s bedrooms and nurseries, when done correctly, these can work and look great for adult sleeping spaces.

Soft blue and green, lavender, and pink shades give off a soothing and modern vibe. They can help make the bedroom look sophisticated, too.

If you don’t want the room to look childish or juvenile, add dark wooden furniture. Opt for darker beddings and other decor, as well.

3. Cool colours

Blue-green, blue-violet, and grey tones give rooms a peaceful and soothing vibe. If you like these hues, you can also consider them for your bedroom.

To make the space look more interesting, decorate it with items that have eye-catching patterns. This means choosing an area rug with a Persian-inspired motif and beddings that have striking designs.

Other Tips

If you are still unsure about which colour to choose for your bedroom walls, use these tips as a guide:

1. Consider the size of your bedroom

Putting the size of your bedroom on top of the key factors to consider will help you narrow down your options

If your bedroom is small, it will look even tinier if you choose a dark colour. To avoid this, opt for neutral or pastel hues.

However, if you have a spacious bedroom, you can experiment with brighter and expressive colours such as coral or dark green and navy blue.

2. Decide on what mood you want to feel inside the room

Knowing the specific mood you want your bedroom to convey can guide you in the right direction, as well.

If you want to feel calm and relaxed in your room and nature has the same effect on you, consider opting for pastel green. If you want the space to evoke feelings of romance and intimacy, choose shades of pink and light red.

In case you want a bedroom that conveys an atmosphere of tranquillity and happiness, you won’t go wrong with light blue or champagne.

3. Consider the qualities of and current fixtures in the room

If you are having your bedroom repainted, don’t forget to include the colours of your current furnishings and other fixtures in your colour selection. If you are keeping them, make sure the hue you choose matches your existing furniture and decorative pieces.

Additionally, consider the amount of natural light your room receives. Does it get enough sunlight during the day or do you have to turn on the light to brighten it?

Keep in mind that your choice of colour can enhance or diminish certain effects. As such, think about your surroundings, too.

4. Ask for advice

If you hire professional painters to work on your bedroom, you can get advice from a colour consultant or the contractors themselves regarding the best option for your room.

When you talk to experts about the mood you want to have in your bedroom, the furniture and features you have or are thinking about getting, and the room size, you will be provided the best varieties and options.

Moreover, they have swatches you can use to check if you like the colour and the effect certain colours will have on your bedroom.

As your sanctuary at home, your bedroom needs to be perfect. Start by choosing the right colour for the walls and you will have an easier time turning it into your personal haven.

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