Colortek Baca purple decorative paint

According to interior designers and decorators, painting the interior of your home in a different color is one of the easiest ways to give your abode a whole new vibe. And, indeed, it's amazing how, with this simple change alone, your home can go from chic to charming or modern to vintage.

But, it's vital to note that it’s not just the change in color that creates a huge impact when you repaint your home; the finish you choose is a game-changer, as well. This is why you should take into consideration that different decorative finishes for paints, especially if you like to use your walls as a substitute for a projector screen, or there's a particular look that you want to achieve for your home interior.\

To provide you with a better idea of your typical options for paint finishes, we have rounded them up below.


Eggshell finish has this chic and sleek appearance. It also has a subtle shine and reflects light a bit. A lot of people particularly like this finish because it creates a richer opacity of color. Another advantage of this finish is it makes wall cleaning rather easy.

This type of finish is often the choice for grand rooms, hallways, home offices, and children's bedrooms. In addition to that, it’s also the preferred finish for Scandinavian-inspired interiors.

Flat or matte

Flat is a popular option because there's not much morphing to the color intensity of the paint, even with a direct hit of light. Plus, it has a nice velvety yet matte appearance, which conceals wall imperfections such as cracks, holes, and unevenness really well. Best of all, this is the kind of finish that works well for images from an LED projector.

The only issue that many have with this particular finish is that it can get chalky over time and it wears down thin when scrubbed clean. However, there are new formulas that are more resistant to dirt and can be cleaned with just soap and water.


Satin finish has a sheen or subtle shine to it, and it reflects light (definitely not the choice if you want to use your wall as a screen for a projector). It's deemed perfect for bathrooms and kitchens, which need to be cleaned quite often. Paints with this particular finish do not lose their shine and opacity even with regular cleaning using wet brushes or rugs.

Additionally, the satin finishes are more resistant to discoloration due to dirt and splatters of oil and sauces. The only setback to this particular finish is it doesn't mask wall blemishes well, such as cracks, holes, and badly patched spots on the wall. Therefore, it's imperative to prep or prime the wall well before the application of paint with this finish.

Decorative finishes

There are paint finishes and there are decorative finishes. Decorative finishes for paints can create a completely new look for your walls, ceilings, and floors. Basically, these are coating products that do not only create a new texture to painted surfaces but also make them look like an entirely different material.

We offer these decorative finishes at Equipaint, and we have separated them into three categories. You have the following options:

1. Concrete effect

We have Stucco & Marmarino, Matto, Decortek, Oro, and Aberdyn as choices if you like a more polished version of the industrial look concrete has. Aberdyn, specifically, gives off a vintage look with its slightly metallic hue.

2. Stone effect

For the stone effect, we have Velutto, Akasan, Alma, and Baca, which can give walls the look of granite, marble, or some other semi-precious stone. Because of the stone look these decorative finishes create, you can take a more frugal approach to a makeover for your bathroom and kitchen counters, and even your floors.

3. Wood effect

Now, if you like the look of wood for your concrete walls, you can use Oxyd, Chalkoat, and Chalkboard. These finishes manage to create the grainy texture of wood surfaces, which makes them ideal for accent walls and borders for walls and ceilings.

These finishes make use of metallic and pearlescent particles, as well as crushed Swarovski crystals. Thus, ordinary paints instantly develop a whole new look and quality to them after the application of these decorative finishes.

Get your interior paint finishes from Equipaint

Creating a big change to the look of your home interior does not require the installation of new materials. You can achieve a totally new look by applying a fresh coat of paint and decorative coatings.

For an extensive range of such products, visit us as Equipaint. 

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