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Decorating your interior with the finest furnishings, tasteful decorative pieces and stylish drapery can make your home look and feel elegant.

However, there’s an easier way for you to lay the foundations for a classy, sophisticated home – having beautifully painted walls.

When applied and designed correctly, interior textured paint gives spaces an elegant yet natural charm.

Textured paint adds character and warmth to any space. It can elevate the look of your interior and make it more stylish and attractive.

When painted on floor to ceiling stone or concrete walls, it makes large spaces feel even bigger. Since textured surfaces contrast with smooth wood floors and comfy furniture, they can infuse a room with a modern look and feel.

Textured paint is also the best material to use for creating an accent wall in any room. Using it as your focal point background can enhance the look of your living space or kitchen and make it appear more stylish.

This type of paint also has several valuable practical uses, including reducing glare and heat absorption and improving acoustics. Additionally, it is highly effective in hiding minor flaws on your walls.

With the aesthetic and practical benefits of textured paint for walls, you can have elegant interiors you’ll love seeing in your home and impress anyone who sees them.

Incorporating Textured Paint in Your Interior Walls

If you’re looking for the best ways to use textured wall paint to have more elegant, bigger-looking spaces, consider these ideas and tips:

1. Go Minimalist

If you don't want your rooms to look too bright or bold, opt for minimalist texture designs you can use to add a touch of elegance to a space.

Choose one or two colors of luxury paint for walls to create a simple design for the space. A plain surface or one with a subtle pattern is perfect for homes with colorful art pieces or decorations.

With a simple background, you can make your wall décor and other decorative pieces stand out and have a refined-looking interior.


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2. Apply Monochromatic Paint With a Grainy Texture

If you have plenty of luxury wall décor, art pieces and mirrors or plan to hang them around a room, opt for mono-colored paint with a grainy texture.

Walls with a simple paint design can make your decor stand out. However, the grainy texture can make surfaces look interesting even when bare.

To create this coarse texture, pick at the wall putty until it turns grainy, then paint over it. Although the process may be time-consuming, you can make this design on your own if you’re considering taking it as a DIY project.


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3. Design With Plastering Tools

Creating incredible designs on walls with paint requires a few tools.

However, you don’t have to buy expensive ones for your painting project. You can use a gauging trowel, spackle knife or a flat plaster paddle.

When you use a gauging trowel, spackle knife or a flat plaster paddle to paint your walls, you give them a three-dimensional look. With some creative touches, you can create an eye-catching work of art that feels fully integrated into your space.


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4. Try Dapple Design

Whether it’s used in commercial or residential spaces, a dapple texture always adds a sense of interest and elegance to the walls.

A dapple-textured concrete paint design can change your interior wall texture dramatically. With the right combination of colors, you can create a unique and beautiful interior.

This design is a specially great option if you want to elevate the look of your living room or bedroom and infuse it with elegance.


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5. Add a Touch of Gold to the Wall Paint

Gold is the perfect choice for luxury walls. When combined properly with another hue, it can elevate your interiors.

For a classic color combination, mix gold with gray to enhance the former’s hue.

An accent wall with a gold and gray texture design is an appealing choice for a living room.

However, ensure the patterns highlight more gray than gold colors. Otherwise, the design would seem too bold and bright to look at.


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6. Use Texture Paint With Motifs

For a whimsical yet stylish wall, add motifs to the textured surface.

If you want to spruce up an expansive wall, opt for large motifs to make the room look bigger.

If you want a simple design, add motifs to the borders or in the middle of the wall.

Creating motifs on painted walls can be tricky, though. Ensure the texture is not too rough since the additional design may not sit well and look great. For the best results, it’s usually better to have professional painters handle this kind of painting project.


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7. Impress With Metallic Texture Designs

If you think your living room, hall, or bedroom looks dull, give it a sense of sophistication with a metallic texture.

Metallic hues can make any space look regal and elegant. With the different wall texture paint options, you have plenty of colors to choose from to create eye-catching designs.

For a stylish living room or hall, blend various shades of gold on strategic parts of the wall. With this design, the room will look stunning, brighter and more spacious instantly.

If you want to jazz up your bedroom, choose one wall to highlight. Paint the remaining three in subtle, neutral shades. This wall paint design approach will help transform your bedroom from ho-hum to wow effortlessly.


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To execute your textured wall painting ideas perfectly, you need the right paint and techniques.

Get started by browsing through our selection of interior decorative paint products today.