Pulling off the perfect paint job for your property with the help of professional painting contractors demands adequate planning. You need to discuss how the work will be distributed and completed, particularly if you have no intention of temporarily moving out of your home to make way for the project, or if you are working with very limited time.


To help you with this undertaking, here is our guide to planning a fail-proof painting project with a reliable contractor.


1. Choose your color palette.


Before doing anything else, it's crucial to have a general idea of what you want your house to look like after the paint job. Ask yourself what colors you want to use and where you want them placed.


For inspiration and ideas for paint colors, visit Pinterest and collect images that resemble what you want your house to look like once the painting job is complete. Likewise, create notes on the different hues because when it comes to paint, for example, gray is not just gray. There are grays with a warm undertone, and there are also grays with cool undertones and even touches of pink, blue, and other shades.


Another thing you should do is to visit home depots, hardware stores and other shops that sell paint. Get some samples to keep. You can use these samples in the future when you're ready to buy and when you wish to get great deals from specific brands.


2. Find a contractor.


There are sure to be a number of painting contractors that you can hire within your location. Naturally, you want to work with the most effective and reliable company with impressive quality standards. 


To find the best contractor for your project, take the time to compare rates, previous customers’ reviews or feedback, and the contractor’s full menu of services. Likewise, set aside some time for a meeting. See which among your top choices connects well with you, easily understands the requirements of your project, and offers useful suggestions based on your considerations. Also, request to see their portfolio.


3. Once you've chosen a contractor, discuss the project thoroughly.


Here are the critical points to discuss:


  • Prepping the surface for painting
  • The budget you will be working with
  • What paints should be used, where to get them, and the deals to take advantage of to lower the cost of the project if you wish to save some money
  • How will the contractors tackle the different areas of your house? This is a vital thing to discuss, especially when high-traffic areas such as the kitchen and bathrooms are included in the project. You want to make sure that you have an alternative room or space to use for cooking or bathing throughout the duration of the project.
  • Where should you move your furniture and appliances while the rooms are being painted? The contractor can offer suggestions to ensure the proper flow of their operations.
  • Paint finish. This is often overlooked by many. However, it’s important to note that the chosen finish can impact the overall look and longevity of the paint. There are plenty of decorative concrete paint finishes and coatings to choose from. Discuss these extensively with your contractor, especially if you have damp sections in your house or if you want to get better functionality out of a specific room.


4. Draw up a contract.


A contract is an absolute must. This is a form of assurance for both parties that work will get paid, and that the work demanded will be supplied. 


Again, sit down with your contractor for this, and do not rush in discussing your requirements. In addition to that, take into account the extent and limitations of the work that the contractor will provide you with. Plus, consider your contractor's insurance and the level of guarantee they offer.


Most painting contractors promise to correct both minor and major flaws such as blistering, chipping, excessive fading, and flaking two years after the completion of the project.


5. Discuss the schedule.


The painting schedule should be the most convenient. If you have children who are in school, you may want to set dates for painting that do not coincide with important exams. This way, your kids can focus on their studies completely and will not get too distracted by the hustle and bustle in your property.


Even if there's no way to be too flexible with the dates for painting, it would still help to discuss it so you can come up with solutions to ensure convenience for you and your family. Painting contractors may offer 24-hour continuous service. This will get the project done much faster, which you may prefer if you have a special event to be held at home, if you will be welcoming visitors soon, or if you wish to take advantage of ideal weather.

That's our fool-proof guide to planning a painting project with contractors. With this, you can ensure an organized process with very few costly and time-wasting mistakes. 


If you are looking for the best paints to refresh the look of your property, get in touch with us at Equipaint. We are ready to supply you with both and will be happy to provide you with a free price quote for your project.