Investing in your home is investing in your personal happiness. Therefore, you should approach every home improvement with a specific plan in mind. You need to make sure that every change you make will contribute to the completely beautiful result that you envision.

In some cases, though, people fail to make a plan and find out later on that the different elements they are bringing into their home do not mesh well together. It is for this reason that seasoned interior designers always recommend choosing interior paint and finishes in the middle of a home makeover. Why?

Paint Unifies and Enhances

Paint has the special ability to unify different home elements. The right choice of color can make all the other features work beautifully together. 

Plus, paint is easy to switch up. If you get the wrong shade, correcting the situation only requires finally getting the right shade and a paint-over.

Another impressive ability of paint is how it can enhance the look of everything else. Metallic and textured paints, for example, can make jewel-toned upholstery look more plush and luxurious. While flat finish neutral paints can make shiny hardware really stand out.

But perhaps the best thing about paint is all the possibilities there are. There is no shortage of paint options and finishes to transform the look of your home. And speaking of possibilities with paints, here are the top paint trends available to freshen up the look of your home:

Top 7 Paint and Finish Trends

1. Lilac Gray

Gray is a sophisticated color. It’s a top color choice for both minimalist and extravagant interiors. However, for 2019, grey with a soft undertone of violet-pink or lilac is the trend. The undertone lends warmth to grey, which typically has the tendency to be cool and hard.

Lilac gray goes really well with vibrant hues such as turquoise, amethyst, yellow topaz, coral, and magenta, which are all trendy colors for interior decor work.

2. Living Coral

This rich hue which is commonly found under the sea is an in-demand choice for interior wall paint. It is a little shocking at first but it’s a color that warms up to you in a lovely way eventually, especially when you have a lot of tropical and vintage elements in your interior design.

This cheery color is an ideal choice for kitchens, children’s rooms, and sunrooms.

3. Gray with a High-Gloss Finish

This paint and finish trend often figures in showrooms and retail stores but they are quite nice to use for house flooring as well. They fancy up concrete floors and pair well with mosaic tiles and brass hardware. 

Another thing to love about this trend for flooring paint is it enhances the illumination in a room because the glossy finish bounces light around.

4. Liquid Crystal

This decorative finish creates flawless floors fit for grand rooms. It does not matter what paint you use for your floors because once this finish is applied, walking in your home will seem like walking on peaceful waters. It’s important to mention that the finish also brings sparkle to floors. Plus, the smooth surface it creates makes cleaning a breeze. 

Liquid crystal finish is a great way to make any paint you choose for your home instantly extravagant.

5. Vintage Yellow

If you want your home to look bright and sunny all year round, the easiest way to do that is by using vintage yellow as paint for walls or floors. This hue is perfect for indoor-outdoor rooms and children’s rooms.

Vintage yellow is easy to customize as well. Aberdyn finish can give the color a stonier and textured appearance, which would look particularly lovely for a home office or library. Orinhu is another finish to consider if you want a velvety finish with a metallic reflection.

6. Dark Green

This is Pantone’s top 2019 color. Dark green is serene and luxurious although not necessarily an easy hue to work with. It is a little intimidating to use as wall paint but, when done right, the impact is simply stunning. 

Dark green paint goes really well with dark hardwood floors and furniture. It also serves as an elegant background for brass elements such as antique chandeliers, lamps, and sconces.

7. Mustard

Mustard is a pop of color that is never too shocking for the eyes to see. It resembles the warm hue of a desert as dusk approaches, making it a good pick for floor paint. This color is also good to use for accent walls.

This color is a top choice for homes with a retro vibe, especially when paired with Mediterranean hues such as teal, espresso, lavender, maroon, and mauve.

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