Hammer Effect

    Hammer paint is a special lacquerwith a surface that looks like hammered metal when dried. It is also known as hammertone. Hammer paint is often used to beautify technical apparatus and as a rust-preventive protective coating. The optical advantage of hammer paint is that surfaces look acceptable even if the underlying surface is not flat and smooth. To get a regular paint to look smooth the surface would have to be prepared first, for example by spackling, sanding, grindingor polishing. With hammer paint, this step can be omitted.



    Interior or exterior applications on surfaces subject to high mechanical aggressions.

    Key Features

    • Rust Preventive
    • Durable
    • For ferrous and non-ferrous metals
    • Quick drying finish
    • Ideal as a top coat over wrought iron works
    • Decorative hammered appearance
    • Smooth to the touch
    • Sheds water well
    • Metallic sheen
    • US Gallon
    • US Quart
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