Concrete Filler

    To fill the porosity and surface cracks in the floors. Easy and quick to use as it is applied together with the grinder equipped with HCR2 diamond disks. CONCRETE FILLER mixes with the dust of the grinding, conforming to the original colour of the floor. Compatible with CONCRETE COLOR DYE concrete dyes. Concentrated product. Dilute to 10%.

    Concrete Hardener H10

    Beton Hardener is a high-performance SILICATE densifier that increase the hardness , the abrasion resistance and reduce dusting. Excellent for new and old concrete surface, Terrazzo and agglomerate floor. Extremely low in VOC’s (

    Concrete Guard Lithium

    Concrete Guard Lithium, based on Nano Lithium Technology, forms am High Gloss Protective C Micro Film Coat that hardens and seals concrete floors, producing a very hard, dust repellent, stain proof and water repellent surface. Optimum coating system designed for high durability for harsh and high abuse conditions able to resists to significant foot traffic, large equipment, abrasion, chemicals , oil and many acid and deterioration. Extremely low in VOC’s (


    Effective trhee-component product to repair concrete floors, close large holes and deep cracks. The system consists of three products: CONCRETE GROUT CATALYZER, CONCRETE GROUT RESIN and CONCRETE GROUT GLASS BUBBLES with “micro-spheres”. The micro-spheres keep the product soft and malleable so as to allow it to perfectly fill the area to be cured. The expansive resin allowing subsequent grinding and polishing.

    Concrete Color Dye

    Concentrated pigment powder for colouring concrete surfaces. Wide range of shades available. It is diluted in liquid to be diluted in about 4 liters of Acetone to be then sprayed on the surface. Attention: The colours of CONCRETE COLOR are indicative. They are not considered RAL as they are not a paint, but the result of a chemical reaction in the concrete. Therefore the shade can change according to the type of concrete. We always recommend to perform a preliminary test to ascertain the colour obtained.

    Stone Sealer And Soap

    Water-repellent and brightening detergent. Clean, polish and protect the surfaces. Excellent for ordinary maintenance of marble floors and polished terrace. Ideal for washing the surface after treatment with Polish. It makes the water-repellent surface.

    Concrete Epo Grout

    Exceptional product to close the porosity of the surfaces in concrete, terrazzo, sown and concrete agglomerates. Three-component product.

    Slurry Dryer

    SOLIDIFIES CONCRETE MUDS AND NATURAL STONE. Special powder that quickly solidifies sludge and slurry giving it a consistency similar to GEL, facilitating its collection and disposal. NOT DANGEROUS. Application: • Smoothing and polishing of concrete • Cutting saw and drilling of concrete and stone • Areas of concrete to be rinsed (concrete mixers) • Stone restoration.

    Concrete Barrier

    Water repellent nanotechnology formulation for concrete surfaces, mortars, bricks and natural or artificial stones. Base of water. It is sufficient to apply the product on existing surfaces to create an invisible and water-repellent protection that protects against stains, humidity, superficial cracks and mold.

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