Terrazzo Flooring

    Terrazzo flooring is one of the most recognizable features of modern architecture. You’ll see floors surfaced with Epoxy Terrazzo flooring everywhere, with their characteristic surface studded with a stunning mix of glass, marble, quartz, porcelain, granite, mirror chips and mother-of-pearl pieces. These type of floor is usually found in high-traffic, commercial spaces – from hotels and airports, to schools and hospitals, to museums and theaters and more.

    Would you believe that Terrazzo was first developed in the 15th century? Originally in tile form, it was used in Venice to address the need for a durable, inexpensive surface for terraces, which were a common feature in most residences in the Italian capital at that time.

    Today, Terrazzo remains a favourite in venues across the world for its aesthetic appeal and reliable performance. Moreover, as a leading Terrazzo flooring contractor, we can attest that innovations in flooring technology, such as the development of Epoxy Terrazzo, have made the material even more suitable for present-day buildings and structures.

    Key Features & Benefits

    If you are looking for a practical flooring option, Epoxy Terrazzo installation may appeal to you for the following reasons:

    • Heavy-duty design that withstands high traffic and heavy use
    • Low-maintenance, scratch-resistant and stain-resistant surface
    • Hygienic finish prevents mold, moisture and microbial growth
    • Environment-friendly, non-porous material contains recycled material and helps improve indoor air quality
    • Can be easily customised according to the patterns and designs you prefer
    • Results in a smooth, seamless and uniform surface
    • Versatile enough to be used not just for floors and walls, but also for stairs, countertops and furniture.

    Enquire Now

    The Colortek Terrazzo System can be poured over old or new concrete and prepared plywood. Learn more about the exciting possibilities of Terrazzo with the downloadable brochure below.

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