Colortek Stucco is a decorative coating made from natural mineral materials that are trowel applied in a series of fine layers to create the polished, two-tone appearance of marble surfaces inspired by the ancient palaces of the Venetian aristocrats.

    Colortek Marmorino is a lime-based finish coating, containing hydrated lime putty and fine marble powders. Depending on the application technique, a wide range of finishes can be obtained: from the basic, natural “monolithic stone” finish, to many different textured finishes.

    Key Features of Stucco and Marmorino Coating

    • Environmentally friendly
    • High gloss smooth finish
    • Washable
    • Non-flammable
    • No dirt pick up
    • Natural mineral material
    • Good water vapor permeability
    • GREENGUARD Gold Certified


    Interior applications on plaster, embossed wall coverings, gypsum board and other properly prepared and primed substrates.

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