Oxibond 4002 is a white, acrylic-based paint that forms a homogeneous, flexible, totally waterproof coat with a great base grip and anti-carbonation properties. It has been specifically designed for waterproofing of facades & horizontal surfaces with light pedestrian traffic.

    Key Features

    • Anti-carbonation properties
    • Excellent coverage
    • Crack bridging
    • Water-tightness, protecting the structure from moisture.
    • Vapor permeability, allowing the surface to breathe.
    • Elasticity and resistance to weather conditions.
    • Strong bonding.
    • Excellent washability
    • Aesthetically pleasing results.
    • Will stop the growth of mold & fungi


    Suitable for external and internal application, on new or old surfaces, such as concrete, render, brick, asbestos cement, gypsum board etc.

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